E-Warranty Systems

E-Warranty system is one of the most complete online registration system built with advanced technology, flexible features, and seamless integration .
Designed for retailers as well as manufacturers alike who serve multiple clients with wide-ranging needs, helps to streamline the warranty registration work from start to finish. E-Warranty also assists dealers / retailers on warranty reporting and staff incentive rewarding system.E-Warranty system is built on web-based platform which is virtually borderless and currently serving Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia market.

CisNets Systems

CiSNets (Client Service Network System) serves as a platform for Warranty Authorized Service Repairers (ASR) for warranty repair. Starting from warranty repair comlaint in E-Warranty till acknowledgement to ASR in CiSNets merely takes only a split seconds. This online system also monitors KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of various parties involved from the point of service call received until the jobsheet completed. CiSNets not only serves as repairer system but also networking for all repairers who participate in this platform. ASR may communicate, share, exchange information, buy and sell of parts, required in this network with other ASRs in the network throughout the country. CiSNets is one of its kind that creates borderless communication platform and business opportunities for all ASRs. Hence, with our systems will provide the most comprehensive warranty system in the industry.

E-Warranty Mobile Application

As important as mobile apps are to enhancing a company’s current strategy, they are also an important change strategy because they introduce a new customer channel and a way to deeply engage with customers – particularly younger customers. The growth of mobile technology mediated environments is accelerated by its accessibility and easy use tools, such as smartphones and tablets. User friendly and intuitive features drive user value and satisfaction. These features motivate and drive further mobile user engagement.

The Internet is changing the way in which businesses operate. ‘Brick and mortar’ companies can now use the Internet to reach more customers and sell products in addition to the traditional channels. Moreover, the Internet is an excellent means of communication and advertisement

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