One-Stop Warranty Solutions

We have been providing comprehensive warranty solutions since 2006 and continue to innovate new warranty solutions to bring the best products to our business partners, clients and consumers.

Electrical Appliances

When was the last time you experienced your LED / LCD TV could not turn on? Your washer could not wash / spin or leaking? Your refrigerator or Air-conditioner not cool? If this happens, what would be your repair cost? Statistics have shown that the repair cost can go up to more than $10,000.

According to Product Reliability Survey has shown that repair rates for 3-4 years old products are:

Refrigerator (side by side) – 37%, Washing machine (front loading) – 29%, vacuum Cleaner (Canister) – 23%, washing machine (Top Loading) – 22%,Dishwasher – 21%, refrigerator (2 doors) – 20%, Gas Range – 20% and Microwave Oven – 17%.

Less than $2,000 = 61.50%
Between $2,000 – $2,999 = 12.90%
Between $3,000 – $4,999 = 8.10%
More than $5,000 = 17.40%

Smart phones & Tablets

Mobile phone, smart phones & tablets have become part of our daily life gadget. As much as the gadgets look fashionable and trendy, they don’t come cheap. What makes it more frustrating when the lifespan of the products do not meet your expectation.

They breakdown even before the end of your contract with mobile operator. You are in the dilemma to change or not to change a new device as you still have to fulfill your commitment with the mobile operator.

Either or you have to pay quite a substantial amount to fix it. Let’s not get into the same situation of many have gone through. For as low as 15 cents a day, you can rest assure this scenario will not be a problem anymore. Let our professional team takes care of your faulty set and we shall return to you in good working condition within a few days.


Do you send your car for car wash frequently? Or even shine & protect it with a good polish? But how are you going to protect yourself if it breaks down from:

Øhigh repair labour cost  
Ønon-availability of spare parts  
Ønon- professional service  
Øreplacement of non-genuine parts

Don’t let these untoward events affect your personal budget. We have the solutions for you.

At E-Warranty, we take care of your problems and worries. With just a fraction of cost, your worries of high repair bills due to unexpected breakdown have been resolved. As you may be aware that due to inflation, the labour and parts cost will continue to increase. Therefore, don’t wait. Visit our nearest dealer to sign up our warranty plan and let our professional technicians take care of the rest.


Research has shown that more than 22% of laptops/notebooks will need repair on the 3rd year. However, the repair rate may go up to 43% after the 3rd year

The common repair for laptops would be mother board, LCD Panel & Sound card which may cost within $500 – $2,000 to repair.

Why take the risk when you have our E-Warranty plan that cost as low as below 20 cents a day. Cost less than a glass of water in restaurant.

Health Equipment

If you are a health conscious person, perhaps you would have owned a massage chair, treadmill machine, hand massager etc. These are luxury exercise machines may provide both leisure and pleasure.

Who doesn’t want to own one? In fact it is getting popular from all walks of life to own or associated with these products.

Either you purchase one or use them at the local gymnasium. If you own one, the most concern is how long can this machine last and when will it breakdown, how much does it cost to fix it? Don’t let your pleasure be your nightmare.

With E-Warranty plan, your future repair bills will be taken care of when it breaksdown.

Ask for E-Warranty plan when purchasing from our authorized dealers.